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Factory Seconds.

X-Treme Bullets factory seconds are products that are completely functional, with minor cosmetic blemishes and defects. This product did not meet our strict quality requirements. It is not anticipated that this product will have an impact on the performance.
This product has been rejected for any number of the following reasons:
- Cosmetic flaws like discoloration, water spots, scuffs, and scratches.
- Weight or diameter that falls slightly above or below our strict tolerances and standards.
- Light cannelure or missing cannelure.
All products considered to be Factory Seconds will be sold 'as is' at a discounted rate and as such will not be held to any manufacturer's warranties or guarantees. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. Factory seconds are typically one offs and random, which makes our quantities and availabilities limited. With these savings, this product will move quickly!
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