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Read what some of our happy customers are saying about X-Treme Bullets
Over the years, I have reloaded many 9mm projectiles from every company you could imagine.
By far, X-Treme products are the best I have ever worked with. Customer service is without a fault, and delivery of their products is outstanding.
The new X-Def projectiles work better than most self defense bullets out there, and at reduced speeds.
Wish there was a way to invest in this company..
Keep up the awesome job folks
Michael F.

Greetings! I purchased 1k of your plated 124 grain round nose 9mm a few weeks ago for light loading. So far I’ve had good results. I’ve loaded in all resized mixed headstamp brass with Longshot at varying weights, before applying a factory crimp for consistency. I lack a chronometer currently, so I can’t give any additional data.

My loads were fired from a HiPoint 995TS (16 inch barrel) on sandbags. I’ve loaded Longshot at 5.45 grains, 5.25 grains, 5.00 grains, 4.75 grains, 4.25 grains, 4.00 grains, 3.5 grains, 3.25 grains. The heaviest load would reach 100 yards and provide 4-5” groups. Anything lighter and it would not group well at 100 yards. At 50 yards, the three heavier loads worked well enough to provide slightly tighter groups, at 3.5 inches. 4.00 grains works very well at 25 yards, where I could reliably land groups of 1.5” standing with no support. The other light loads were experiments in reducing powder charges for my wife to comfortably fire her handguns for extended range sessions.

As of yet, I have not detected any lead fouling, and some minor copper fouling that has accumulated over the course of about 300 rounds. This is not terribly different from firing jacketed factory ammunition, given the apparent reduction in velocity as implied by reduced felt recoil and muzzle blast.

Overall, I am impressed with your product. I figured you guys might be interested in this kind of information. Thanks again! Sincerely, Kevin F.

Dear X-treme Bullet Personnel,
As a first-time customer, I want to thank you for your outstanding service and product. I recently purchased some 9mm 115 grain plated bullets from your company. I was very impressed with the promptness of delivery, and the excellent care that went into the packaging. My bullets arrived quickly and in great condition.
I loaded some of them over the weekend, and finally got a chance to shoot them yesterday. Accuracy was great, and I attribute this to the uniformity and consistency of the bullet weight and shape.
I have used thousands and thousands of bullets from other companies such as Berry’s, S n’ S, and even my own hard-cast. None of them come close to the consistency I have observed in yours. I hope you continue to keep your quality control up to these standards, as I will be purchasing many more if so.

Thanks again, and doing business with you has been a pleasure. Kind Regards, Jeff B.

I received my first order of .45 230gr RN bullets today at work. I showed them off to my fellow workers some of whom are shooters and reloaders, and when I got home I deleted all other bullet suppliers from my favorites and login lists. It has been worth the long wait through the drought of reloading supplies to finally get a hold of some of your bullets. VERY nice quality, and I can see why your products are in such high demand. You have gained another life long customer... I hope that won't add too much more demand to your production process.
All the best - Paul

My name is Rich K. I shoot .45 ACP and .38 Super.
Over the years I've loaded thousands of your bullets. They never fail to meet my expectations.
They are a dream to handle when reloading. I buy boxes of Xtreme Bullets at Phillips Wholesale in Covina California. Empty boxes are put to use by a friend who collects \ cleans \ sells brass. I use Starline brass, CCI SPP primers and Alliant Unique powder. All assembled in a Hornady AP press.
I phoned yesterday to request some free samples (.38 wadcutter and semiwadcutters). My request was answered politely and affirmatively. I look forward to receiving them soon.
Now listen up. It's companies like XtremeBullets that makes The United States work. Great products, widespread availability, consistency and quality. That's Xtreme! You folks, and your products, are the best! In my book, you have no competition. - Rich K.

I can't tell you how happy I am with the past plated bullet orders I have received. The 38's and now the 40's are just perfect. I have found the 38 DEWC to be the best, most accurate target rounds I have ever loaded and now after returning from the range after loading up some test 40 S&W rounds found the same results apply to your 180 RNFP. Excellent product, consistant/accurate bullet, quick shipping and the brass exchange program makes shooting your products a "NO BRAINER"! I can't wait till I use up my supplies of 380 & 9MM bullets so I can change over to your supplies! Don't change a thing while I sing your praises to all my loading community! - Chuck T.

Received my order today: 500 each of copper plated 9's, 38's & 40's. User friendly web site. Great prices. Fantastic service and beautiful bullets. Thank you very much. I'll be back. - Roger

I just wanted to let you know how much I like your platted bullets for reloading. I bought 500 over the summer to test out. I am extremely pleased with the performance of your bullets. I have only used the 9mm 115g round nose at this point and have yet to purchase 45's. I just ordered another 1000 9mm bullets today. I used to use berry's bullets, but I now have a new favorite company and you will be my primary pistol bullet supplier from now on.

I just got involved in shooting competitions. I have been shooting 3 gun for 2 years and shot my first USPSA club match this year. I am hooked. I wish I would have started shooting competitions a long time ago. I have been a full time Police Officer for the last 15 years and the more trigger time I can get I soak up.
Thank you again for having a great product. - Michael G.

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