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Consumers that purchase any qualifying X-Treme Bullets product at Cabela's from July 21, 2017 to December 31, 2018 will be eligible to receive one hundred (100) count box of 380 Auto, 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 Auto & 10mm Unprimed Brass.

Consumers who wish to participate in the Cabela's Rebate must complete and submit the rebate form Below:

  • Fill out the Cabela's rebate form with all required information
  • Redemption limited to one (1) qualifying purchase per address.
  • All submissions must include proof of purchase and must be received by 1/31/19 to be valid.
  • Rebate(s) can be scanned and emailed to or mailed to X-Treme Bullets Rebates, 815 D Street, Lewiston, Idaho, 83501.

The following projectiles purchased in-store or online at Cabela's are eligible for the Rebate Program.

Product Sku Product Sku
223 55GR FMJ/500 XCB82230 45 CAL 200GR HP/500 XCB84508
38 125GR FP/500 XCB83801 45 CAL 200GR RN/500 XCB84502
38 158GR FP/500 XCB83805 45 CAL 200GR SWC/500 XCB84503
38 158GR RNFP/500 XCB83806 45 CAL 230GR HP/500 XCB84507
38 158GR SWC/500 XCB83804 45CAL 230GR RN/500 XCB84505
380 100GR RNFP/500 XCB83800 9MM 115GR HP/500 XCB83557
40 CAL 155GR RNFP/500 XCB84000 9MM 115GR RN/500 XCB83550
40 CAL 165GR HP/500 XCB84006 9MM 124GR HP/500 XCB83558
40 CAL 165GR RNFP/500 XCB84001 9MM 124GR RN/500 XCB83552
40 CAL 180GR HP/500 XCB84005 9MM 135GR RNFP/500 XCB83553
40 CAL 180GR RNFP/500 XCB84002 9MM 147GR HP/500 XCB83565
44 CAL 240GR RNFP/500 XCB84401 9MM 147GR RN/500 XCB83554

9MM 165GR RN/500 XCB83560

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